Vacating Guide

If you have been issued a Notice To Leave to coincide with your Lease End date, you will have been provided with two clear months’ notice to leave the property.  You will be responsible for the property and all rent payments up to and including your vacate date.

On the date of your vacate, you are required to give up possession of the property by handing into our office all keys that you have in your possession to the property.  All your personal belongings, including any animals kept at the property, must also be removed on your vacate date.

Your obligations are to leave the property (including lawns & gardens) in the same condition as you when you moved into the property allowing for fair wear and tear.  Please refer to your General Tenancy Agreement to ensure that you have addressed any special conditions that are present in your agreement (example: Gas bottles to be refilled, water tank to be filled, flea spray if pets have been kept at the property.)

When you move into the property, the onus is on the Agent/Lessor to complete an Entry Condition Report prior to you moving into the home.  When you vacate, the onus to complete an Exit Condition Report is the Tenants responsibility.  Exit Condition Reports can be found on the RTA website.  When you hand in your keys, you should provide our agency with a copy of the Exit Condition Report when you return your keys to the property.  You are also required to provide us with your forwarding address as per the Residential Tenancy Act.

Once all keys have been returned to the property, we shall conduct the vacate inspection with 3 days.  You are welcome to attend that inspection.  If you wish to attend, please notify us ASAP so that a date and time can be organised to suit both parties.

If any items of cleaning, damage, etc are identified at the vacate, you will be notified in writing and you will be given the opportunity to go back and rectify within a reasonable period of time (3 days max we determine is reasonable).  If you fail to rectify the items identified, we shall then engage our own tradespeople and the cost will be claimed from the bond.  If everything is satisfactory with the vacate inspection, we shall then release your bond in full.

Break Lease

Sometimes things happen in life that change our personal circumstance and you may find that you need to break your lease.  If this situation arises, please contact us immediately so that we can walk you through the process.  In summary, you will be responsible to pay any marketing fees and the let fee for the property which would normally be the costs that the owner would incur.  As you will be breaking the lease, you will then be responsible for those costs.  These fees can only be waived in certain special circumstances such as Domestic Violence matters or if the owner agrees to waive the fees.

You will also need to pay rent up to and including the date that a new tenant signs a new lease to move into the property.

Domestic Violence

If this is applicable to you, please contact our office to discuss.