Routine Inspections

We conduct routine inspection every three months.  The purpose of the inspections is to check the condition of the property and to identify any visual maintenance and report to the owner for their attention.  We are also checking to ensure that the property is maintained in accordance with the terms and conditions of your General Tenancy Agreement.

Prior to any routine inspection, you will be issued an Entry Notice via email.  Please note that we no longer post Entry Notices due to the prolonged delay in mail deliveries today.  It is therefor important that you check your emails regularly to keep an eye out for the notice.   Inspection times are not negotiable expect in certain circumstances and will be at the discretion of the Property Manager.  It is not necessary that you be home for the inspection as we will use our office set of keys to gain entry.  If dogs are kept at the property, please ensure that all animals are restrained or removed during the time of the inspection.

Regular cleaning will keep the property in good order.  Our Property Management team have prepared a list of the following areas that will be checked at the Routine Inspection.

  • Carpeted areas – ensure stains are attended to as soon as they appear or any accidents occur. In high traffic areas, regularly clean these areas by using a reputable carpet cleaner or good quality DIY cleaner.  Protection such as mats or some form of other protection is advisable.)
  • Regularly clean window sills and window tracks.
  • Clean oil spills or leaks as soon as appear on garage floors & driveways. If you have a vehicle that you know leaks oil, please put an oil tray down.
  • Regularly clean mould on slippery areas on paths/patio/driveways.
  • Weeds & grass growing in flower beds/courtyard areas.
  • Grass clippings being tipped on garden beds.
  • Piles of palm fronds or other garden trimmings heaped around the yard.
  • Build up of mould/scum in showers & bath & bathroom in general.
  • Build up of spilled or and burnt-on material on and around hot plates, in drip trays, oven & grill.
  • Cleaning products being stored on window sills causing paint to peel.
  • Smoke alarms are intact. (It is illegal to remove or interfere with smoke alarms).

If you have any questions regarding routine inspections, please do not hesitate to contact our office and talk to our property management team on 07 5499 9966.